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Training & Placement :
Placement Details :
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Placement Cell :  The training & placement cell undertakes various activities as under

  • To arrange industrial visits for B Pharm/M Pharm students
  • To co –ordinate industrial training
  • To arrange campus interviews
  • To arrange and conduct personality development program

Industrial Visits : Organized for Final Year B Pharm and M Pharm students

* Objectives :

1) To bridge the gap between theory and practice
2) To familiarize students with industrial practices like cGMP
3) To provide an overview of industrial scale equipments and instruments
4) To provide a glimpse of materials handling and inventory control

Industrial Training : For TYB Pharm Students as Per Curriculum

* Objectives :

1) To bridge the gap between theory and practice
2) To familiarize students with industrial practices like cGMP
3) To provide an in depth information of industrial scale equipments and instruments
4) To provide a detailed knowhow of materials handling and inventory control

Campus Interviews :  Organized For Final Year B Pharm students

* Objectives :

1) To place interested students in reputed medium and top pharmaceutical companies
2) To counsel students regarding salary structures and job profiles

College Responsibilities :

·   Will provide students who are sincerely interested and who can profit from early supervised placement.

·   Will select students on the basis of their grades, attendance, work habits, attitude and appearance.

·   Will enact such attendance and disciplinary guidelines as necessary.

·   Will work with the employer to develop and approve the supervised job placement.

·   Agrees to ensure that students meeting all eligible requirements for early placement will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.

Student (Trainee) Responsibilities :

* The Trainee :

·   Shall adhere to all the provisions of the Training Agreement and the Training Plan relevant to his/her type.

·   Shall telephone the instructor as well as the employer when he/she is going to be absent. Student will not be permitted to work if absent from college unless approved by the job developer.

·   Will be expected to maintain attendance in accordance with both college and work standards.

·   Will perform all duties in a manner that will reflect credit to the college, company and the trainee. Shall abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of the employer and the college during the training period.

·   Shall attend all academic and career technical related classes.

·   May be subject to removal from placement and return to college if unsuccessful in maintaining passing grades in both academic and career technical subjects. Below average grades at the end of a grading period will be grounds for removal from placement.

·   Shall conform to those standards of dress and appearance set up by the college and those expected by the employer.

·   Should take problems on the job to the job supervisor and inform the instructor.

·   Adheres to all safety regulations in performing his/her duties and informs his/her employer and career technical instructor when a safety problem or concern arises.

·   Will return to college for the remainder of the year and submit the training certificate. Will be responsible for transportation to and from work.

·   If the Career Center or the trainee’s affiliate college is closed due to inclement weather, the trainee is permitted to report to work only if the trainee and his/her parents agree that there are no safety concerns. In the event of unsafe conditions, the trainee must telephone the employer prior to his/her scheduled starting time.

·   Will prepare and provide a weekly work report for the previous week, due each Monday to the instructor.

* The department of Training and Placement has these following functions and responsibilities :

1) Nurtures Industry Institute interaction, by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training and projects of industrial relevance for the students, with the sole aim of zeroing down the hiatus between the industry and the academia.

2) Makes available updated database and job profile of the companies and thus helps each student analyze and choose company of his interest.

3) Organizes and coordinates Campus Placement Program, to fulfill its commitment of a job to every aspirant.

4) Motivates students to go for higher studies and guiding them to take competitive exams such as CAT, GPAT, CMAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT AND IELTS.

5) Organizes a platform to interact with our alumni, which help the students to improve their corporate etiquette and awareness about the organization’s expectations. 

* The students are trained a variety of programmes :

1) Industry Institute Programmes - Corporate leaders from leading industries are invited regularly to interact with students.

2) Various Training Programmes are organized to train the students in the areas of Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal through the Reputed External Training centers and in-house trainers.

3) Technical training programmes are being conducted by Technical experts.

4) Training through Mock Interviews for students to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.

Over the years, the department has maintained symbiotic, vibrant and purposeful relationship with Industries across the country and as a result, has built up an impressive placement record both in terms of percentage of registered students placed, as well as the number of companies visiting the campus.

We always believe in equipping our students with the right talent and personality to face the industry requirements.  Our focus on placement centers on creating new approaches to attract the best from the industry to our campus.

Job Opportunities :

Carrier Opportunities in Pharmacy Profession

Production and Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Marketing

·     Production of formulation

·     Quality control and quality assurance

·     Research and Development

·     Community Pharmacy

·     Wholesale and Distribution

·     Sales Promotion including export

·     Product Management

Academics and Education

Food and Drug administration

·     Education/ teaching

·     Higher Studies

·     Post Graduation, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Studies

·     Drug Inspector

·     Drug regulatory affairs

·     Govt. analyst

Clinical Pharmacy

Opportunities Aboard

·     Hospital Pharmacist

·     Clinical Pharmacist

·     Registered Pharmacist

·     Hospital Pharmacist

·     Production of formulation

·     Quality control and quality assurance

·     Research and Development


Please refer the guidance document for students aspiring to join Pharmacy profession…(Guidance document from IPA)

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